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XF 1.X Eklentiler Navigation Manager 1.1

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xfversion 13, xfversion 14, xfversion 15
This mod will allow you to add / create unlimited custom tabs that appear in the navigation bar. Installation: First unzip the mod package and FTP the Library folder inside the root folder of your forum . Then go to your ACP> Add-ons-> Install new add-ON-> Install from the downloaded file: Click the Browse button, locate the file addon.xml inside the mod package and click Add the 'button installation. Then go to your settings- administrator> Home-> navigation Manager. Click on it and there you can create your custom sidebar block / s and manage. for each block, you can set options following: . 1) Url Tab . 2) Tab Link 3) primary navigation Tab. Here you can decide if you want to place the custom tab in the main navigation bar. 4) Position Tab! This control where the tab will appear in the main navigation bar. Select Top, Middle, or end, depending on where you want to display this custom tab. 5) Sub Navigation Tab. Here you can choose whether to display the custom tab in the navigation bar as well. 6) Foot Tab. Here you can choose whether to display the custom tab in the foot area too. 7) display order. Here you can decide the order in which to display the custom tab / s. You must also set permissions for groups to display custom tabs on a group by group level. The authorization is called: Can display custom tabs and it is on the General tab of the authorization when editing a group permissions. The only thing is that the custom tab / s will not be highlighted. You can also completely change the sentences to do so in the language you want to get a more detailed idea of how it looks when used , please check the attached screenshots.

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