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  • The base styling will use FontAwesome for the share icons. So, you MUST have it included by default. Or you can try to change the styling to use your own preferred icons. An option to include FontAwesome MIGHT come later in the future. I have no plan to do that, yet.
  • This add-on wasn't made on the Default Theme, so it must not look pretty there. Thus, you'll have to customize it by your own, if you're using the Default Theme, or any other themes which were majorly based on it. I plan on making it look better for the Default Theme, later in the future.
  • Technically, this add-on should support older XenForo versions. I don't have the time to test it out, but feel free to do so.

So yeah, yet another replacement for the default share this page widget.

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Noteable Features:
  • By default will rely on FontAwesome icons.
    This add-on will use FontAwesome, instead of external images.
    Except for LINE, but it's disabled by default.
  • No JS call on page load to fetch share counts.
    The add-on will do a callback to tell the server to fetch the share counts on every page load (only on pages that have the share this page widget). So this add-on WILL NOT tell the client to query any third-party social sites. If you're concerned about your client's privacy, then this works just fine.
    But of course, this add-on will still include 1 JS file to initialize the widget. But that's all.
  • Caching support for the share counts (Memcached, etc.).
    To use this feature, you MUST have a back-end caching enabled for your XenForo installation, as the add-on will ride on XenForo's built-in caching mechanism. So technically, you can use whichever back-end caching that XenForo supports. Although I've only tested it on Memcached.
  • Customizable caching time.
    If you want to make the cache to stay longer, then you can. By default, it will cache the share counts for 6 hours.
  • Customizable cURL timeout time.
    If your server can't fetch share counts from social sites within 500 milliseconds, you may increase the value.
  • Ability to add share this page widget on top of threads and pages.
    Inspired by Responsive Social Sharing Buttons add-on.
  • Phrases support.
    Thus, it's possible to display different texts for different languages.
    Phrases have "EHSS" tag somewhere on the title. So just search for "EHSS" (without the double quotes) to see all available phrases for the add-on.
Additional Notes:
  • This add-on is entirely open-source. I'll setup a GitHub repository later when I have the time. So for the time being, you're free to mess with the codes however you like.
  • There is no style properties, yet. Any customization must be made on the templates. If you want to tweak the design, edit eh_socialshare.css template. And if you want to tweak the item's settings (such as the CSS class that it will use for the icon, share link format, etc.), edit eh_socialshare_js template.
  • Tested on mobile. There didn't seem to be any issues.
Contributing features and/or bug fixes: Please make a pull request on the GitHub repository:
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Contributions: If you appreciate this add-on, I'll be grateful to accept your donations. For the time being, I can only accept donations via PayPal. Please send me a private message if you want to know more.
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