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XF 1.X Eklentiler Email Queuing Enhancements 1.1.0

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xfversion 13, xfversion 14, xfversion 15
Enhances the XenForo Email queue with re-try logic and ensures both the front-end and AdminCP both send via the queue.

  • Email Queuing
  • Bounce Email handling
Email Queuing

This addon ensures that the following email sources go via the email queue,
  • AdminCP - Email Users
  • Spam Cleaner
  • Email Confirmation
  • User Moderation - Approval
  • User Moderation -Rejection
  • Password Reset Request
  • Password Reset
  • Contact Us

Additionally, any addons which use XenForo's built in Mail object should also be captured.

Adds the following options under "Email Options"

Bounce Email handling

Instead of hard disabling the account, this allows options which send emails to be disabled. Such as:
  • Forum Watch.
  • Thread Watch.
  • Conversation emails.
  • Changes Default settings to 'watch, no email' for threads.
  • Email on Tag (Conversation Improvements add-on).

New "Disable Email on" option (checkbox, default non selected):
  • On any soft bounce
  • Only on too many soft bounces
  • Only on a hard bounce


I recommend using
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to install this addon.

Contributing features or bug fixes
Please create a Github Pull request via the "Find more info at github.com..." link.
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