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Tag Essentials

Tag Essentials 1.6.2

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Canonical/Similar Tags
  • Functionality to build a list of parent (canonical) tags with their children (similar) tags. This will auto convert the similar tags to the canonical tag when one (or more) is used.
    • Admin CP
      • Page listing the canonical tags
      • Page to add/edit a canonical tag
      • Link that opens a modal with the similar tags and the ability to add more.
    • When saving tags on the front end, do not error if they use a similar tag but automatically remove the “similar” tags and replace it with the canonical one.
Tag Categories
  • This feature can be disabled within the XenForo options page.
  • In the admin panel, you can manage categories.
  • In the admin panel (or on the front end if permissions permit) you can add tags to their category.
  • On the thread view, when a tag is in a category it's removed from the main tags list and added above it in the specific category list.
  • On the tag search page below the tag cloud (if enabled) there will be a new section for each category to show the most popular tags.
  • Categories have ids assigned which can be used for css purposes.

Tag Wiki

  • On the front end (utilizing front end permissions), so that non-admins can edit the content, have a way to edit (supporting bbcode in the description) the tagline and description of the tag. Also change the front end so aside from showing the list of content that is using that tag, you see the tagline and description of the tag in addition to the list of content using the tag.
    • Permission to manage tag wiki
    • With permission, when viewing the tag page (thread tags | XenForo Community), there’ll be an “Edit” link to manage the tag description and tagline.
    • Provides a tabbed interface to switch between the tag's recent content and the tag wiki description.
    • Can bypass the tabbed interface and show the wiki information above the tag's recent content instead.
  • Optionally pull data directly from wikipedia for newly created tags.
  • Wiki information can also be edited from the admin panel.
  • Use the tags as keywords to improve SEO.
Batch Update Threads
  • In the admin panel, when batch updating threads, you can now add or remove tags in addition to all the existing options. When adding a tag, the user that started the thread is credited.
Tag Suggestions
  • After typing the thread title (when the title loses 'focus'), an ajax request will check to see if any tags are included in the title, if they are then they automatically get added to the tags list (they can be removed and more can also be added).
  • You can set tags for prefixes, when a prefix is selected it will automatically add those tags to the thread tags.
  • You can set tags for nodes, when a new thread is being created in that node the tags will be pre-populated with the tags for that node.
Blacklist Tags
  • Ability to blacklist specific tags from being used. If a tag is blacklisted and added to content, it'll silently (an error will not be thrown) be removed from the tag list.
Limit Tags to Nodes
  • Every tag can be limited to a specific set of nodes. For example if you want to allow the tag "Test" to only be used in a test board, you can.
  • If a tag is used in a node that it cannot be used in the system will silently (an error will not be thrown) remove it from the tag list.

Watch Tags
  • With permission (Tagess - Can Watch Tag), users are able to watch tags and receive an alert when new content is added with that tag.
Forum Default Tags
  • Each forum can have their own set of default tags. If tags are assigned, when a user creates a thread, these tags will be pre populated in tags area (they can be added to or removed). An example can be seen here:
RSS Feed Tags
  • RSS feeds can be assigned tags that will be added to each thread created from that feed.
User Criteria
  • There's been a new option for user criteria for user's that have used at least {x} tags. This can be useful for user promotions and trophies.
Tag Preview
  • When hovering a tag, you will get a preview popover that displays a snippet of the tag description (from the wiki info), with links to the "recent content", "top users", and "view information" pages. This can be styled differently by editing "tagess.css".
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