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Good Enough Blogs 1.0.44

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I'm the original author of the now defunct Better Blogs

I originally developed this as a substitute for our vBulletin Blogs, and it worked really well! We are also using that in production. Many hundreds of man-hours went into developing this product.

Unfortunately, really slow sales and increasing support costs didn't let me continue with the product.

Even today after a few months it's a solid product used in hundred of installations. The only thing missing is continuous updates, however, the advertised features work really well. It is performant, secure, has the features, has importers, and gets the job done.

I'm releasing this add-on as FREE for the community

You are allowed to modify, clone, redistribute, repackage, resell, translate, and do further development on this add-on as an individual or group. You can re-brand it if you want, and you don't need to acknowledge me at all (though that would be appreciated).

There is NO need to PM or email me asking for permission. It is released as-is and no guarantee or support is provided.
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